October 27th, 2010

 After serious deliberation the Art in the Park Committee has made the decision to hold a GALA EVENT for the 2011 Festival on FRIDAY EVENING 4th March 2011 at 6.30p.m.

 Discussions with various galleries re evening function vs breakfast function  show that an EVENING FUNCTION would be the better option.  It was felt that on a Saturday morning 8.30a.m. people are either on their way to sports events, shopping, gardening or plain and simply having a lazy start to the day.

Whereas at an evening function where invited guests can don “glad rags”, have a couple of glasses of wine and delicious nibbles with soft background music, while enjoying the privilege of a preview, being able to  study all the art on display and purchase artwork in a peaceful and quiet environment, is definitely the more attractive option.

 This does mean that all artworks must be in place BY 6p.m. on Friday evening 4th March 2011.  The display stands will be ready for hanging from 3p.m. on Friday and although no vehicles will be allowed into the village, the committee is planning to have volunteers on hand to assist with carrying work from the entrance gate to the village and into the display areas.  (Not with hanging however!)

 Heavy work, such a sculptures etc., will possibly be able to be delivered to the Sculpture Park by vehicle, under supervision, using a separate entrance.  We are negotiating this with Shantytown.  OR  the work could possibly be delivered on Thursday evening from 5p.m.  As you know, Shantytown is securely locked and has security cameras overnight, so work will be completely safe for the entire weekend.

 Artists are requested to be in attendance at the event, to meet the guests and be willing to discuss their artwork with potential buyers.  Committee members will be available to package sold items on Friday evening.

 We are sure all artists are going to find the above acceptable in view of the fact that a Gala Event is being hosted on their behalf and in their best interests.

Our research has shown that in some instances 30% of total sales take place at gala events.  We are hoping this will apply to our event!

 IN ADDITION:  On Saturday and Sunday all day (10a.m. – 4p.m.) there are going to be some WHITE GLOVED attendants on hand to assist with the packaging of sold items, walking the buyer to the Eftpos machine and on to the exit from the venue, then back to the seller with the Eftpos slip.  Not only is this going to make things MUCH easier for the artist, but it is going to add a more professional touch to the whole sale.

Packaging will take place in the store room between the two exhibition halls.

The passageway between the 2 exhibition halls is going to be brightly lit and appear festive, making it far more attractive for viewers to continue through it to the 2nd exhibition hall.

The visitor flow is going to be ONE WAY – arriving in via the Gold Nugget Bar and exiting from Welshman’s Hall.

 As a committee we have devoted long hours to plotting and planning to make this event far more professional!   We trust you will all enjoy the NEW Art in the Park experience.

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Art in the Park SCHOLARSHIP

October 27th, 2010

 The Art in the Park Committee has made a decision to have a peoples’  choice vote at the next event viz. 5 & 6 March 2011. 

This is a wonderful opportunity for all artists, providing a special media release, a certificate which will be seen on the website and can be used for future exhibitions and the funds to travel to other exhibitions,   attend workshops,  purchase new art equipment/materials etc. This is open to all artists exhibiting at Art in the Park – painters, sculptors, carvers etc.

Download Application Form

It will work as follows: 

  • Send the committee a letter indicating your interest in participating in this.   A fee of $20 to enter must accompany the application form  
  • Select only your very best piece of work for this and it is to be delivered, or couriered, to

15 Keith Road,  Paroa,  Greymouth by no later than MONDAY 28th February.

  • All works received will be judged by an independent selection panel who will scrutinise the artworks and select a shortlist of the top five entrants
  • These five pieces of artwork will be exhibited in a specially designated  and signposted area in the 2nd exhibition hall, Shantytown,  at the EXIT point. 
  • The public will receive voting forms as they arrive at Art in the Park    (there is to be a Lucky Draw with fantastic prizes for 3 voters,  making it worth their while completing the form.)
  • The artwork with the highest number of votes will be the winner.  The winner will be announced at 3.45p.m. on the Sunday afternoon at the event
  • The  prize for this is $4500-00 cash.   The conditions attached to this prize:  the winning artist is to use this cash to further his/her art career and inform the committee how it is to be spent.   AND


The winner is also given FREE space to exhibit and sell 5 artworks at the 2011 New Zealand Art Show in Wellington (held in July) !  Along with this fantastic opportunity is the offer of a free space for 5 artworks at the 2011 New Zealand Art Show in Wellington. This also gives the artist an opportunity to enter the NZAS Artist Grant award.  This grant is also offered to further the career of a promising artist.  ‘The offer from the NZAS to help support an artist from Art in the Park is very generous and a wonderful opportunity.  We are very excited about this new initiative and I am sure the artists will be absolutely 100% behind it’ said Linda Morley, Chairperson and founder of Art in the Park.

The NZAS is a three day show that exhibits and sells work by hundreds of new, emerging and established artists from around New Zealand.

The  winner of the AITP SCHOLARSHIP  will have great media publicity as a result, further raising their artistic profile.

 Give  this some serious thought and then APPLY to


P O Box 275


Closing date for submissions:  1 February 2011.


Good luck!

From the Art in the Park Committee

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Artist for 2010

January 25th, 2010

Art in the Parks  Celebration of the Arts  is just around the corner!  6th March 9a.m. – 5p.m. held at the beautiful historic village of Shantytown.  Sunday 7th March 9a.m. – 1p.m. On Sunday only the visual and performing artists will be on site – this gives viewers another opportunity to see and purchase a piece of spectacular artwork directly from the artist.

On Saturday 6th a feast for art lovers’ and those just wishing to browse.  There is something on offer for everyone in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.  There will be a large diversity of art styles – painters, potters, sculptors, portraitists, carvers (jade and wood), beads to dazzle, textile art, floral art and much more.

The Top Twenty artists from 2009 will all be present, plus many more new talented artists from the West Coast.    In addition Ian Hamlin from Wellington, Ann Wilson with her beautiful pastels from Christchurch, Rachel Hirabayashi from Cromwell and Joel and Emily Bolton from Nelson will be our guest artists of the year.  Joel will be doing pencil portraits on site all day – make a point of seeing him at work.  Many of the artists will be working on site, giving the public an opportunity to meet and talk to the artists.



Apse, Andris

Bell, Ben

Bell Jules

Bolton, Joel (Saturday only – on stage)

Brooker Sheryl  and Cyril Hector

Brough Catherine

Carruthers Fiona

Cotton Jill

Greymouth Photographic Club (stage and Saturday only)

Hale Alison

Hamlin Ian

Howard Margaret

Irwin Michelle

Jacobs Robyn

Lewis Chris

Lindbom Pat

McDougall Rory  Gold Nugget

McQuarrie Barbara Gold Nugget

McQuarrie Bob Gold Nugget

Nimmo Stewart

Riley Jane

Salt Terry

Schacke Juergen

Trolle Brent

Wilson Ann




Brown Tony

Coleman Lyn

Dolamore Pat  Saturday only

Ewan Tony on deck

Finnerty Michael  Saturday only

Foster Marybella  Saturday only

Gray Charlie

Hay and Morley

Hirayabashi Rachel Saturday only

Holmes Linda Saturday only

Hutchinson Gwen Saturday only

James Mark Saturday only

Keppell Jo Saturday only

Leach Jeremy

Moon Arna

Passuello Elizabeth

Pope-Smith Eve

Runanga School  Saturday only

Tai Poutini Art Grp

Vaega Ruth

Wallace Margaret-Mary Saturday only

Webster Chris Saturday only




McAdam Karen

Scott Janice

Thomas Jenny

Trounson Marlene

Tumahai Jools and Pierre


LIVERY STABLE – John Worthington

FORGE – Noel Finnerty

ROSS HALL – Greymouth Quilters

MASONIC LODGE – Westland Cake Decorators

OUTSIDE CHURCH – Rebecca Haldane – Floral Art



Westland High

John Paul II High

Jenny Edwards

Harry Bell

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Art In The Park 2010

December 22nd, 2009



The 2010 Arts Festival: ART IN THE PARK IS TO BE HELD ON 6 MARCH 2010 FROM 9a.m. – 5p.m.  and on 7 MARCH from 9.a.m. – 1p.m.
Be sure to be at the event to enjoy all it has to offer.  It promises to be a very special event.
On Sunday 7th ONLY the visual and performing arts  will be on offer – the caterers, Art Activity and Young People’s Art Exhibition will have closed on Saturday evening 5p.m. We look forward to seeing you there – don’t miss this spectacular Festival of Arts.  Watch this space for a full programme towards the middle of February.

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